Ambulatorul Integrat Pediatrie este format din cabinete cu urmatoarele specialitati:

  • pediatrie,
  •  alergologie si imunologie pediatrica,
  •  gastroenterologie pediatrica,
  •  otorinolaringologie pediatrica,
  •  chirurgie si ortopedie pediatrica,
  •  reumatologie,
  •  oncopediatrie.

– Consultations are performed on medical referral letter issued by the family doctor, other medical specialist or the discharge note.

– Emergency consultations are offered – in case of minor emergencies. These are performed on the medical notes from laboratory or other medical specialties. Prescriptions are issued for 3 days only.Medical services packages for ambulatory medical assistance include the following:

– Medical services – consultations for emergency medico-surgical situations
– Therapeutic medical services – acute, subacute and exacerbations of chronic disorders consultations,
– Therapeutic services – consultations for chronic disorders
– Diagnostic and therapeutic services
– Auxiliary medical services

Medical services:

-Abdominal echography
– spirometry,
– skin tests (standard panel),
– sweat test ,
– pulsoximetry
– Emergency aerosolization.

Consultatiile se fac pe baza numarului de ordine de la fisier.