Hospital Integrated Ambulatory

The Integrated Ambulatory of Emergency Clinical County Hospital Targu-Mures works on the hospital 1st floor and it has an adult section and one for children.

Each month, in the Integrated Ambulatory a number of 6000 adult patients receive medical attention.

Appointments for adults can be made by phone at: 0265-210.677

Patients which prove they are medically ensured can have medical benefits discounted by National Insurance according to actual legislation, if they present the referral letter from their family doctor. Any other medical service the patient’s requests will be performed for a fee, according to the applicable rates.

  • Ensured patients benefit from the minimum medical ambulatory services package, if they have a referral medical letter from their family doctor or any other medical specialist, excepting emergencies or disorders with confirmed diagnosis;

  • For establishing the diagnosis in case of medical- surgical emergencies or in disorders where all other exploring means have been exhausted, high performance medical services can be recommended. (CT, MRI, scintigraphy.);

  • The ambulatory specialist recommends preclinical investigations and prescribes drugs with/without personal contribution

  • Patients with optional insurance can benefit by ambulatory medical services for medical emergency confirmation and for detection of endemic-epidemic diseases. Children up to 18 years of age are benefiting from the medical services included in the minimum package.

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