Tirgu Mures Emergency Clinical County Hospital s history starts in 1975, when trough the Committee of Ministers Decision no. 141 from 22 February 1975 the technical and financial indicators for the construction of a new hospital are approved, under the name,, The Clinical Hospital with 1200 beds and ambulatory TÂRGU MUREȘ”. The situated on the terrain delimitated by the Medicine and Pharmacy Institute, the Cornesti forest clearing, 7 November street (nowadays 22December 1989 street) at the North- Eastern side, the beneficiary being The Popular County Council Mures and the Mures Board of Health the coordinating architect being Emilian Machedon. The construction starts in 1975 and it is finished in 1981. Enabling was done gradually, as bellow:

•Technical Services – AJIRAM March 20 1981- Kiss Mihai- Director and in charge of Technical Services Albert Alexandru

• Adult Ambulatory: Director – Gyorgy Pal MD, head of nursing department Viorica Giurconiu

• Pediatric Ambulatory: Director – . Liszka Paul MD, head of nursing department Berekmeri Katalin

• County hospital: the first clinical department which worked was the Obstetrics and Gynecology directed by prof. univ. Boga Coloman MD, and head of nursing department was Gabriela Tătar.

In the fall of 1983 the hospital started to run at it entire capacity and at September 23 rd. it is officially inaugurated under the name Clinical County Hospital Mures, the first director being MD Mircea Târnăvean, deputy director of Health Board and the new hospital s coordinator.

To the founding of this hospital have contributed many medical personalities such as: prof. univ. Ioan Muntean – Health Board director, MD. Trozner Francisc – Health Board deputy Director, MD. Mirela Becuș – Health Board Director between 1977 -1990, prof. univ. Pușkaș Gheorghe, prof. univ. Fenke Francisc, prof. univ. Kerestely Ioan, prof. univ. Cornel Dudea, prof.univ. Muhlfay Vasile, prof. univ. Fodor Francisc, MD. Emil Căpâlnă, prof. univ. Mody Eugen, prof. univ.Liviu Popoviciu, prof. univ. Gh. Emilian Bancu, prof.univ. Doczi Pall, prof. univ. Cornel Ciugudeanu, prof. univ. Berdj Asgian, prof. univ. Radu Deac.

After 1995 local hospital medicine it is strongly developing, especially the following domains:

– Cardiovascular surgery led by univ. Radu Deac,

– Urology led by prof. univ. Dorin Nicolescu and prof. univ. dr. Radu Boja,

– Nephrology led by assoc prof. Grigore Dogaru.

In 1991 the first computed tomography machine starts to operate, the director of the Radiology and Medical Imagistics being prof. univ. Grigore Stanciu, and since 2002 the second computed tomography machine and the first MRI start to function.